Friday, December 25, 2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015

You Win Some.....

And you lose some.

John did not make All-State band.  I don't think he is too disappointed.  Out of twenty that auditioned from his high school, four made the cut.  They were all seniors.  Maybe next year!

The football team didn't just win some.  They won it all!  The bulldogs are state football champions in the 6A division.  Lots of fun cheering them on this season.

David and I took Grace to the school district's awards program for the Reflections contest.  It was a fun evening.  After the students were recognized individually, we attended a reception showcasing the winning entries this year.  We were able to browse through the many art, photography and literature entries while listening to the students' music compositions (including Grace's) playing in the background.  She was all smiles when she heard her song being played.

We are counting down the days to Christmas!  Presents are bought.  Not many are wrapped.  Well, actually, none of them are wrapped.  With any luck, I will fix that little problem today.  It shouldn't take very long to wrap four lumps of coal.

Gingerbread house construction...

Grace's Reflections awards for winning at the school level...

Monday, December 14, 2015

Catching up

Grant's third grade class performed a very nice Veteran's Day concert on, you guessed it, Veteran's Day.
Grant is in the center of this picture wearing a white shirt.

Grant isn't the same boy he was at the concert way back on November 11th.  He was a mere eight year old.  As of Sunday, he is now an oh-so-mature-don't-treat-me-like-a-baby nine year old.  Lots of fun celebrating his birthday this past weekend. 

Now that NOvember is over.  I don't see as much of this going on...

But I AM able to see my floor that every toy we own is not spread across it like frosting on a birthday cake. (Did I mention someone had a birthday???) 


Birthday party with friends this past Friday night.

Yup.  Store bought. 
 Being the fourth kid means he's lucky he even GOT a cake!!

A challenge made doubly difficult by having a birthday so close to Christmas!

 Squeezing in a party is a little stressful every year.

They had fun though.  That's what counts.

Company Christmas party was last Saturday. (Lots of fun) (no pictures)
John All-State Audition  was this past Saturday (results tomorrow) (fingers crossed)

Worked on barn all day Sunday (pictures later)

Birthday party with family Sunday night (pictures later)

 how was your weekend??

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Finally! A Post!

Lots to catch up on. Lots happening. I'll hit on two of the headlines at the zoo for tonight and save the rest for another day. 

Meet Little Black Mare. 

And Chocolate Gelding. 

Not the most original of names but we aren't known for our ability to name pets anyway!  

We are considering these two as replacements for Juliet, the kids' horse that we lost a few weeks ago. 

We have been riding a lot the past week trying to find the best addition to our horse family. I think we have a winner, but we have not made a final decision yet. Both are sweet horses. Both have good and bad points. We shall see. 

Grace and grant love the little black one and have already named her The Black Stallion after the beloved horse in the series by the same name.....this while totally missing the facts that the horse is neither big nor a stallion....nor was it EVER a stallion seeing as how it is a girl. Oh well. I'm sure the lucky horse will recieve a name worthy of our long standing history of bad pet names. 

In other news Grace's musical composition was awarded first place at the district level in the PTA Reflections competition. Last night was an awards program at school for winners at her school. Next week we will attend an awards program for district winners. District winners now move on to the state level of competition before going to national competition in the spring. Grace's ten year old mind has enthusiastically made the leap right over state level to nationals. I wonder. Could she possibly do it?  The saga continues.