Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Goats and More Goats

Here's baby goat #2.  
 He was born almost two weeks ago.
And was hours old when this picture was taken.

Mom and baby were getting along great.

It was such a surprise to check the goats a couple days later
 and find ANOTHER baby snuggled up with the momma.

Yes.  That's right.
She had twins either two or three days apart.

Having twins of my own, I do not envy her that experience.

Baby #1 is a dark chocolate with black tips

 Baby #2 is a little girl and a bit more red like her grandma

Both babies and their momma are doing great

She has my sympathies.

The first baby goat of the spring is now about six weeks old and also doing great.
He is out in the field now playing with the big goats.

So far it has been a great goat season.

Still only two baby calves.  
More should be coming late March or April.

 Hope you are all doing well.
My lack of posting is due to both a lack of motivation and a lack of material.
My kids are so old there just isn't much to share 
without turning it into a brag blog.

That's not me.

If you're still checking in here and reading about our lives,
 thank you.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I can't remember what I've posted.  If you've seen any of these, my apologies.

The horses spent a very chilly January day in the barn with an equine dentist.
Justin, the dentist, shows up once a year to make sure the horses' teeth are doing fine.

 Everyone in the barn (except me and the equine dentist) had their teeth floated and filed.
Not much fun for them.
Or me.

But the annual event makes for much happier horses when trail riding,
which in turn makes for much happier trail riders.


And the most awesome way to make happy horses
is to show up with a bucket of sweet feed. 

 The buck of feed works equally well with cows too.

Say hello to one of our newest babies.
We now have two new calves.  This is the oldest calf.

We found the second calf the day it was born.
It wasn't even up and walking yet when we found it.

 Those are the moments that make all the work seem worthwhile!

 Proud Papa 

 And while I'm posting about animals and doctors...
I loaded up two dogs and two cats for their annual checkup.
Don't even try to guess what that cost me! 
It far exceeded the cost of four exams for our children!

Here are Meg and Remington looking on nervously while waiting their turn with the doctor.

 Want to guess who murdered Mr. Elf?

The guilty party was long gone 
when I found Mr. Elf lying in a pool of stuffing.

If I had to place blame, 
I would say Remington is guilty of the murder.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

26 years of roses

I love him more every year!

Lots going on at the zoo...

John has been living downtown Louisville for four days.  He competed and won a place in the Kentucky Music Education Association's All-State Band.  About one hundred kids from around the state gathered downtown Louisville for four days of practice and watching watching performances in the various theaters downtown.  The final day included an All-State Band performance for the public.  David and I enjoyed the concert immensely.  There is a lot of talent in these young performers.
John enjoyed the time away from school and spent doing the thing he loves most...playing his music!

John and Emily are getting prepared for the big transition to college this fall.  We just scheduled their freshman orientation for March.  I'm not sure why UK does this so early, but the weekend program is offered to any student enrolled as a freshman for the fall semester that has been accepted into the honors college program.  Both kids have accepted a position in the honors college.  So we will head to Lexington for a weekend of information and scheduling soon.  Unbelievable.

Emily and I visited UK last week and spent the day walking the campus and talking to an advisor in the health sciences department.  We were given a tour of the building and learned a great deal about what she should expect for the next four years.  It was very informative. And now, we need to repeat this process with John so we can talk to someone in the engineering department too.

More to tell, but not tonight.  Got to get kids' homework finished up and off to bed.  Mornings start early...especially for the 5:30 A.M. crowd headed to high school and middle school.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The View at the Zoo

Pictures found on my camera.... 

David the Doggy Hypnotist

This is love....

 THIS is annoying!
 Good thing we only own two cats.  
Where in the world would a third cat get a drink?

Bella was not thrilled with the extra attention David was giving her.

But both cats will endure some unwanted affection from us humans
because of the wonderful treats we offer the cats.

The cats love Temptations cat treats.
It's sort of like kitty meth.  They are addicted.

The cats will endure our presence in the house 

as long as we  keep supplying them with their favorite kitty crack.

 Here is Grant's version of a mousetrap.
Only his is a hamster trap.

 Yes.  Those little tufts of fur belong to one of Grant's hamsters
 locked in Grant's hamster trap.

Development of the hamster trap took place in the tub
for those instances when the trap failed and the hamster escaped.

I have had a lot of fun lately selling items on ebay.
Mostly I've sold random things we have lying around the house....
things we don't need or use anymore.

The extra cash acquired by this new hobby has been wonderful.
It has caused me to look with new eyes at things lying around the house...
things I might be able to sell for a little extra cash.

Too far, maybe?

I sent this picture to David one day when I was enjoying an ebay induced selling buzz.

He was not amused.
 Remington seemed unaffected by his close brush with the auction block.