Thursday, October 30, 2014

Call the Doctor!

These two must be coming down with some sort of serious illness like smallpox or Ebola. 

Nothing else could sufficiently explain their sudden unsolicited show of affection. 

Tonight was pumpkin carving night at the zoo. 

Yes. They really hugged each other voluntarily. 

After much time and effort we declared our carving masterpieces complete. 

Tinker bell


Creepy jack-o-lantern guy

Orthodontic jack

Artists and their works of art

Yes. They had a lot of fun. It was a good evening. 

Emily wins the prize this year for most creative design. 

The prize for winning?

A genuine hug from her brother. 

Yes I used the same picture three times in a single post. 

I might blow this one up life size just so I can enjoy the moment, fleeting as it was. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mrs. Witte

Beautiful bride

Beautiful ceremony.
Beautiful couple.
Beautiful day.

Thank you for letting us share the day with you.

We love you both and are so proud of the amazing couple you have become.

Friday, October 24, 2014


After a week full of crazy hair, crazy socks, Wild West outfits, pajamas and spirit day, I would have to question whether the original message of Red Ribbon Week has been lost in the fun and games. 

Last night when getting ready for bed, Grant asked, "So what ARE drugs?"  He knew he was supposed to "say no" to drugs. He just didn't know what drugs were. Maybe we should make the message a little clearer or wait to teach it when they are a little older. As it stands a week was spent having lots of fun and not much else. And I didn't see one actual red ribbon the entire Red Ribbon Week. 

Family fun night...

Grant being a lawn sprinkler

And Grace

Friday's Crazy Hair Day
Grace wanted bed head. That was pretty easy. She was half way there when she woke up. 

Grant went for the Illini look again this year. I think he'll keep it for the wedding tomorrow if that's okay. 

In case there wasn't enough going on, today was Field Day too. 

Happy Friday. 

PS See you all tomorrow. We're goin' to the chapel. And we're gonna get married!  Or someone is. We're already married. I hope. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Let's Take A Test

1. The kids wore pajamas to school because...

A. we overslept. 

B. laundry duty has been neglected. 

C. the principal declared today pajama day. 

D. fuzzy pajamas are in vogue with the elementary crowd. 

And the answer is C. Today was pajama day at school. Award yourself bonus points if you figured out it is Red Ribbon Week. 

The high school homecoming spirit week is this week too. Lots of crazy outfits heading out the front door of the zoo this week. 

Spirit Day
Crazy Hair Day
Crazy Sock Day
Pajama Day
Western Day (we will nail that one for sure)
Purple and Gold Day
Black Out Day
Costume Day
Crazy Pattern Day

All of this should end with a you're-making-your-mother-crazy-so-stop-it-already Day. Just sayin'. 

Oh. And to top it all off, John and Emily had to dress up last week as cadmium and boron respectively for chemistry class. How do you dress up as elements?  I asked myself that question when I learned of the assignment. 

Emily went as soap. 

Award yourself double bonus points if you correctly guessed John went as the energizer bunny. 

No pictures of course. 

I didn't feel like dying so I refrained from taking pictures.  It was a struggle. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Fun

Our version of Where's Waldo?

Can you see someone hiding in the leaf pile?

How about now?

Target practice. 

That little black bar on the ground has moving targets on the top. 

Feeding the twin calves

Momma cow isn't doind well. We are helping her out. 

Loving the weather this weekend. Hoping it stays beautiful next weekend for a certain someone's wedding. 

Barn pad is almost done. Wet weather has slowed things down. We hope to start on the actual barn in another week. 

Soon we will have a better place for this kind of stuff to happen. 


Friday, October 17, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Are you surprised?

What does it say about the mental state of the residents of this house when someone considers this okay?

On second thought, don't answer that. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


And then

there were two. 

Kids without braces that is. 
Grant's braces came off Tuesday. 

Two kids to go. 

Grace won't get hers off for a few more months. She's sad to be the last one still wearing them. 

In happier news, Grant has announced a career change. Instead of marine biologist, he now wants to be a robber. 

Let's see how that works for him. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Photo Dump

What's up?

Take a look
At Grace's fancy new glasses. 

Evening is the perfect time

to gather the eggs. 

Playing golf


to his sister. 

Bouncing his cares away. 



Grant is doing great. He made it all day at school today. I took some Tylenol to him at lunchtime. Tonight he was riding bikes and playing like yesterday was no big deal. And honestly it wasn't. 

Tonight Grant wanted to know what he should be when he grows up. After much thoughtful discussion we agreed he would make a wonderful marine biologist. At least that is the plan for now. It might change a few dozen times in the next fifteen years. What's the hurry, right?

Sunday, October 12, 2014


How was YOUR weekend?

I found this note on Meg's collar this morning.

I wish this was the worst part of the weekend.

It wasn't. 

I thought this weekend would never end. I also never thought I would be excited for Monday morning.

Hope your weekend was good....or at least better than Meg's and mine!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thank You

We had a great weekend. 

Love You!