Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh, Deer!!

Look who has been playing in our back yard lately....

twin fawns have made our back yard a regular afternoon playground and snack spot.

They like our persimmons that are starting to drop.

David spots them out there a lot more often than I ever do.

The kids have enjoyed watching them over the past few weeks.

Momma deer is never too far away.
She's quick to send them scampering if dogs bark or kids go out to play.


Who said you needed a big ol' farm to get in touch with nature??

We managed to see this in the middle of suburbia!!

Growing Up

Our twenty-five year old  five year old little girl

started kindergarten today.

She loved it according to the reports when we picked her up.

The lady walking with her is Ms. Jackie, her teacher.

This is the same teacher John and Emily had in kindergarten.  I was very excited about Grace getting her for a teacher.  She does a great job with the kids.

How strange it seems to see Grace here as a student.  She was born the year John and Emily were here for kindergarten.  I remember so clearly carrying in my three week old daughter so I could help with the twins' class projects for spring concert that year.  Wow time flies!


Once again showing off her fashion passion....

she has a flair for romance too...

after dad asked for a kiss

and got a sweet little peck from Grace

she informed him that the RIGHT WAY TO KISS

requires the kissers to tilt their heads to opposite sides

David about dropped her he was so startled!


I SWEAR she does not see this stuff around our house!!!

It's like she was born knowing things I didn't know until college (or later)!!

Now this guy....

he's all three year old with how he acts...
he just cannot TELL you exactly how old he is.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This one made me scratch my head when I stumbled upon it the other day.....



I would like to know the story behind this poor doll's predicament.

You might ask yourselves where they've seen this before?





I don't do this to my kids.


Have a good night.

Mercer Fair

Fun pictures of a fun more explanation needed

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Someone Has a Birthday

The cinematography is pretty crude....

The costume designs lacked style

The script is lacking

It doesn't come wrapped with a bow

Nor did it cost lots of money,


The Zoo put on its best performances for you this evening

and wanted send their love

and their best efforts

as  a way of saying


Preschool Pool Party (Say that five times fast)

Grace's preschool class from last year had a pool party at their teacher's neighborhood pool.
Not all of the twelve kids from her class were able to make it, but the ones that did had a super time.

I think that is such a nice thing for her teacher to do each summer.

We were there for two hours.

I MADE John and Emily go too.  They helped with the younger kids in the pool plus Mrs. C got to see them as well.  She was their preschool teacher ever so many years ago.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Only a Month Late

Alright I am finally posting pictures of John and Emily's birthday.

Things just got so crazy for a while there through the end of July and start of August!!

We had several of their friends over for a pool party/sleepover on the Friday after their birthday.  Cousin Emma got to join in the fun too since she and her dad had just arrived from LA.

We walked to the pool to swim and eat pizza for the evening.  I had planned on staying until the pool closed at nine o'clock, but if you've read the old posts, you know my plans got changed.

We no more than got to the pool than they closed it due to finding poo in the pool at rest break.
Yes, that is gross!  At least the kids hadn't been in the water yet!

Instead of swimming, the kids came home and played basketball and such in the back yard until dark.  Then they broke out the Wii and a few movies to last the rest of the evening.  It really did work out OK.

A couple days later we had a family celebration while Uncle Todd and Emma were still around.   We did the whole cake and ice cream and singing Happy Birthday to them.

Grant wore the Thomas the Train hat since John refused.

Pretty low keyed birthday, but I think they enjoyed it.

I think the thing they enjoyed most was their birthday present.  They only got one thing from us.  We combined some of their own money with their birthday money and were able to get them laptops to use for school and personal.




Dad helped them get the computers going...he's the techie of the family.

Now they can be found doing this  as often as they can (which isn't as often as they'd like)
The only reason they are sitting together as if they love one another?

The TV was turned on too!!  Ahhhh, the world of kids today.


Puppy Report:

Three weeks and counting down
She's really starting to get big.

Hope there's only a few in there!