Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Slinky!

What can you say really other than


See the tongue of concentration???

Over and over and over he did this

Not that way, Grant!

The measure of his joy playing with something is directly proportional to the number of shots I get with his tongue stuck out.

Apparently this was a LOT of fun.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

It has been a little cold and snowy here this winter.

That has not stopped Grant from playing at the zoo.

He made his own version of a zoo the other day.
Good thing it wasn't a real zoo too.

Mr. Zookeeper, Grant, had all of the animals sharing one big fenced area.

I think they were pretty happy with the arrangement from the look on their faces.

Mr. Zookeeper seemed happy about the situation too.

In typical boy fashion though........

after carefully making sure the animals were safe in their cage.....

Mr. Zookeeper proceeded to unleash Mr. Dinosaur into the cage.

Mr. Dinosaur proceeded to eat every last zoo animal.

Kind of a bummer for the animals.

It appears Mr. Zookeeper has a dark side.
The carnage and bloodshed left him unphased and possibly even secretly delighted at the mayhem he had caused at the zoo that day.

Watch him.  He's a sneaky one.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Go Fish!

Doesn't everyone sit around the house

in their slip and tights

wearing a tiara

and playing "GO FISH!"

with their favorite little brother?

Grace, do you have any train cards?

Ummmm, nope! Go Fish!

Grant, do you have any little red hens?

YEAH, I have two!!

Grant, do you have any shy little kittens?

Nope!  Go Fish!

and on and on it goes.....

How do YOU spend a quiet Sunday afternoon??

Friday, January 28, 2011

Star of the Week

The star of the week was allowed to bring in a pet of her choice
(and MAN are there a lot of pets for her to choose from).

She decided to take Tinkerbell Grace in to share with her classmates.

Everyone got to pat and hold the bunny.

Only one boy said he had a pet rabbit.

Two kids said they'd never touched a rabbit before.

I took in snacks so they could feed him/her.
We talked about rabbits and where they live in the wild and what they like to eat.

They giggled and TG hopped around and sat on his/her back feet for them.
He nibbled food and groomed and washed.
Thankfully, no bathroom performances while we were there.

TG put on quite a performance though......

I think everyone (including Tinkerbell Grace) had a good time.

especially this little girl.

We also took in (store bought) cupcakes for her snack selection as star of the week.

I apologized to the teacher.
Teachers hate cupcakes.  They're so messy.
I left with the rabbit BEFORE the cupcakes were served.


Emily at Chuck E. Cheese's the other day.....

We were waiting on the other kids to finish up their tokens.

This kid is a lot of fun sometimes.

Love you, Emily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

This is Jet and Kitty.

They are NOT best friends.  They get along OK.

I guess their relationship is kinda like John and Emily's......very love/hate.


Kitty is a Diva.  
This is her typical (un)happy expression.

This is Jet.

He's your typical fun loving guy.  He's a great cat.


This is a picture of them hanging out in our utility room in the basement.

Notice anything 'extra' in the picture???
Nah, not the paint cans in the background!!!
Look closer.

Oh, look!!  One kitty, two kitties,....

three kitties!!

Our family has expanded.

This is Bella.
She is Kitty's twin in looks.

She's a two year old cat that a friend was trying to place in a good home.
Bella's former owner had health troubles and she had to give up her cat and two dogs.  My friend fosters animals and took in the cat until she could find a permanent home for her. For some reason she thought of us.

When she first emailed me about the cat, I flat refused.  I told her the zoo was at capacity and that I wasn't looking for any new pets.  The stinker emailed me a picture of Bella anyway.  When I saw her, I was smitten.  She's like having a clone of Kitty, only better.  She's got a great, sweet personality.  The kids love her.

I've been waiting to see if any of the animals had issues getting along.  We've been three weeks now and all seems to be well among the clan so tonight I am officially declaring that we are a household of three cats.....

and two dogs,

and two hamsters,

and a rabbit,

and four kids,

and a crab,

and a frog,

and several fish,

and too many snails to count......

but who's counting, right??

Welcome to our humble home, Bella.

Welcome to the zoo.



Look how much these two look alike!!  I can't tell them apart most of the time.


It's like having twins....only with fur!!