Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Family Fun

While all of this was going on inside a couple weeks ago.....


this was going down outside our window.

Will anyone else be glad to see this winter be done??

We've had a couple teaser spring-like days this past two weeks. 
The days are already noticeably longer.
The grass is beginning to show the first signs of life.
The flowers have started pushing up their first tentative shoots of promised springtime glory.

I'm getting excited.
Good-bye February snows and cold.

I'm ready for spring!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Perfect Pink Parfaits Make Pleasant Days (say that five times fast)

Emily received a free calendar with her American Girl Magazine subscription.
Each month shows a new recipe to try.

We've been trying them.  So far January's pink parfait has been the biggest hit.
I kind of thought they should have put this in February for Valentine's Day, but the publishers never asked my opinion......their loss I guess.

Here's our finished product.

They didn't last long once the slurping commenced.

Everyone seemed satisfied with the end result.  They've asked for these again.  I've not taken time to make them, but maybe we'll save the recipe for another day. 

It was pretty good.

judging by the empty glasses ten minutes after they were served.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tray Play Today

It's always pleasant to have a snack in the middle of the afternoon.....

Teddy Grahams were the snack of choice today.

But what are a couple of kids to do once they're done snacking????

Why, strap on their super hero backpack and take off in flight around the house

 rescuing those in peril and fighting crime (not that there's much of that going on at the zoo)

So strap on your super hero flying packs

and go on an adventure!

These trays belonged to John and Emily so many years ago.  This was something new.  I NEVER saw John or Emily WEAR their trays.

It made for some good afternoon fun.
and I thought the caution sign on Grant's was quite appropriate.


We miss you David!!!!!!

Remington REALLY misses you!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grantisms - Volume 2

I tried to post pictures using my computer tonight.  I got to the download part and it all froze up as solid as an eskimo's outhouse.  I figured I'd just give up and hop over to my trusty laptop and at least put a few comments here instead.

Heard around here as of late......

Mom:  When did you get that scratch on your leg?

Grant:  It got on way back ahead of a lot of days.  (his actual words) (I stopped and wrote that onedown...knew I'd never remember that!)  (He was trying to say 'a long time ago')

Mom:  (trying to create a teachable moment)  Hey Grant, show me how you brush your teeth.

Grant:  Here's a tip, Mom.  Hold it like this.  (I guess he's the expert now)

Grant:  Can we go home now?   (ummmm, we ARE home, Grant.) (He does this A LOT)

Grant: Mom, we have a situation here. (notifying me that Remington had once again stealth peed upstairs)

David and I were carrying on a conversation one evening in the kitchen regarding some issues with two of the personnel at work.  Grace was sitting at the counter listening as she worked on homework (can you believe they give homework in kindergarten?  That's just wrong.)
Grace: Will they both get a yellow by their names? (referring to her behavior chart at school.  She's proud that she's the only one left in her class to not get a yellow or red color change this year.)

Grant: (said to Grace while playing doctor, fully clothed, with Grace) (holding up a pretend horse who was the next patient)......The horse has a fever in his mouth...... (makes sense I guess when you think we stick a thermometer in their mouths then tell them they have a fever)

Grantisms at their finest

Carnal......the stuff Grant loves to put on his ice cream.....(caramel)

Shovel......what Grant does with Go Fish cards before dealing them.....(shuffle)

Get dead.....(die) in, Did Amiga get dead?

Droove.....(past of drive) in, We droove Grace to school today.

Goed.....(past of go) in, After dropping Grace at school, we goed to the car wash.

do never.....(don't ever) in, Do never say that again, Grace!!


Momisms heard around here lately........

          Stop spitting.
          Get your hands out of your pants!
          Stop spitting.
          You can't go out wearing that....(directed at my four year old boy, by the way)
          Stop spitting.
          Tell her your sorry.
          Use your inside voice.
          Stop spitting.

Can you guess what Grant's new favorite thing to do is?  Spitting.  Lucky guess, right?


No editing tonight.  I hate typing on this darn computer.  I stink at laptops.  Have I said that already???
Good night.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I didn't know I already had these downloaded until I was messing around on the blog tonight.  Since I do, I'll post them....I don't know if I can download without a lot of headache on this laptop I am using.  My home computer and I are no longer on speaking terms....mostly because it is incapable of speech....but also because it is now on computing life support.  It is looking pretty grim people.

Anyway, these are it.  At least these are it unless I find more pictures from Florida.  No promises.

OK...nothing fancy....just posting these straight. I am pathetic at using a laptop.  No sorting or organizing tonight.  So here in no particular order are the pictures of our room at Bay Lake Tower at Disney.

Living room area

Dining table


Balcony out of the main bedroom

Kids had their own balcony off their bedroom.....made them keep it locked unless a parent was there.  Didn't want any preschoolers testing gravity from the fifth floor.

He does enough gravity testing already.

David having fun with his camera outside the hotel one night.......

Pool area

Picture of the walkway from Bay Lake Tower to the Contemporary hotel where we would get on the monorail....we were on the fifth floor right beside this walkway.  We couldn't have picked a better room even if we'd known what we were doing.

hanging out in the room playing with our disney toys we begged dad to buy.....

David took these with his zoom lens.  This was the view out our balcony....unbelievable that this is within walking distance of the magic kingdom, huh?  What you don't realize is all the stuff he zoomed right past to get this shot....

Here's another shot from the same place.

every night at ten o'clock (if you stayed up that late) you could watch a string of barges float past the resort.  It played music and had animated lights on the barges. 

I was impressed that they played several patriotic songs during each evening's performances.

Our bedroom...

It's hard to tell, but that black square in the wall is a big opening with sliding shutters that separated the hot tub in the bathroom from our bedroom.  Basically you could sit in the hot tub in the bathroom and chat with someone (whom I hope you knew rather well) sitting on the bed!  Kind of weird, but the kids LOVED running in circles through that big window and playing with the big sliding shutters.

still our bedroom...

John, Emily Grace and Grad had to share this room.  They had two bathrooms though.  This setup would sleep nine people I think and had three full bathrooms.  That was a sanity saver for us for the week not to be on top of each other.  When you were in the room everyone could still kind of get away from each other (not that we don't like being together **wink**).

This place even had a walk in pantry/laundry room.  I guess it is made for guests that want to stay a REALLY LONG time.  I doubt I could survive more than a week at disney with my sanity intact.

Notice the dirty laundry dropped 'almost' where it was supposed to be??
Some things never change...even on vacation.

......such as folding laundry and sorting it.

yeah, so sue me.......I'm not sorting and editing tonight, remember???....just skip the duplicates.

David working on camera techniques....

Here's Grace......

and here's Grant.

OK. I'm done.  I have two weeks worth of laundry to deal with.  My last unofficial new year's resolution is now officially dead.  I can't keep up....not that I care sometimes.

I feel better today, but Grant crawled in bed EARLY...VOLUNTARILY.....tonight.  I'm guessing he's going to be sick by morning.  Let's hope I'm wrong.

One more thing.....
Grace had an eye appointment today.  I should have taken her in September, but am just now getting it done.  Her highly unusual need for farsighted vision correction with astigmatism in only one eye seems to be correcting itself over time.  He said the good eye is still normal and the eye that has had the correction for the last year is closer to normal than before.  He's giving her a lower strength lens for now with the possibility of no glasses in her future.  She doesn't wear them other than reading and not even all of the time for that.  She's been very grown up about using them when her eyes feel strained, but I don't see her play with them or abuse them.  They go right back in the case when she's done with them.  Here's hoping in another year she won't need them at all.  She's young to start having to mess with glasses already! 

Yeah for good news!

Good night....