Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'll have ketchup with that



green beans





potato chips



french fries

gold fish



cereal bar

hot dog





List of groceries to buy at the store??


list of things I have seen Grant eat

after dipping it in ketchup


pretty gross.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Do You Know Your Colors?






Colors Grant has learned??

Well, sort of..........

The conversation goes something like this between him and his dad.......

  Dad:  Which tractor is blue?

Grant:  New Holland

Dad:  Which tractor is green? 

Grant:  John Deere

Dad:  Which tractor is yellow?

Grant:  Caterpillar

Dad: Which tractor is red?

Grant:  Case IH

Dad:  Which tractor is orange?

Grant:  Kubota!!

He's working hard to brainwash this kid from an early age. 

David wants his kids to grow up "country kids" even though we live in a metro area......no small task!!  He's taking the challenge seriously though.

All County Band and Chorus performed last Thursday.  John and Emily did a good job.  The entire evening was very enjoyable with lots of good music.  Grandma made it over to share the kids' accomplishment.  They were very appreciative.  It was a hectic couple of days that she was here, so not much chance to visit really, but still nice to have her come all that way to hear them perform. 

One of these days I'll post pictures of it.  David took the pictures that evening seeing as how I carried Grant in asleep and carried him back out asleep at the end of the evening.  He slept through the entire thing....MAN is he heavy!!  Anyway, David was using his new playtoy equipment for catalog photography from work to take the pictures.  He has a new Canon camera he was toying with that evening.  I've got to get the pictures from him sometime before I can post them.

It's been rainy and cold here again.  I'm not sure where spring went, but I miss it.

good night all!













The Management

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kleenex and Popcorn Required

OK, we did the unheard of thing this past week of watching two movies.  We never watch movies.  We never never watch current movies.  I went to Blockbuster this time and picked.  Most times I don't have a clue about what is out or what is good, but this time I scored two home runs.  We watched The Notebook last weekend....

and since we are incredibly bad about sitting down to watch a movie, it took us until tonight to watch the second movie....The Blind Side.

Cried watching both (not that unusual).  Ready to go buy both (pretty unusual). 

The next time you decide to watch a movie  (and you are part of the one percent of the population that I belong to that is never up on their movie watching)....RENT THESE.  They are awesome.

I would say it is a tie which one I liked the most!!

Siskell and Ebert are going to bed now.....goodnight!

The untold story

Because the kids got into trouble for one too many fights during the day   were so willing to help around the farm, they were reluctantly and very slowly  carefully searching the yard and picking dandelions,........ 

...meanwhile, their father snoozed the afternoon away carefully supervised them...... 

from the shady spot in the hammock under the trees.

Because the kids were constantly engaged in petty arguements the rest of the day full of energy, they volunteered were ordered to walk all the way to the creek.

One more arguement and they would have been making the trip holding hands.  That is one of my FAVORITE ways to punish them when they bicker....make them hold hands.

Once at the creek, everyone's mood lifted and we had a very wet pleasant afternoon playing in the creek.

John just hangin' around.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Easter 2010

We did celebrate Easter here a couple weeks ago.

I am just very slow to post pictures.

All of the kids colored Easter eggs.

Drawing on them with markers was more entertaining than the dye was.

They each colored a dozen eggs.

This was Grant's first year coloring eggs.  He's been napping while we colored eggs in the past.
He had a lot of fun doing it, but refused to leave an egg in the dye long enough to do anything more than barely tint it.

We'll have to work on his technique in coming years.

Sunday morning the kids all had treats left for them by the Easter bunny.  The two older ones KNOW where the Easter bunny lives, but they still get treats from Mr. Bunny.  I think they like finding the surprises in their baskets no matter how old they are getting.

Emily got a snowglobe which she is now collecting.
Grace got a tiny little princess doll with two dresses for it.
John got a watch he has been asking for.

Grant got a set of new matchbox cars that he can work on destroying.
He is so hard on his toys.

This is the crew all cleaned up for church.  This is probably the last year I'll be able to shop for all four kids at one store.  I'm gonna miss all the bonus bucks and discounts I get by buying all their clothes in one place!!

That's the only reason they always match for church.  I get their clothes at the same store.

Easter egg hunt after church

Checking the loot after the hunt.

I packed up Easter dinner that I had made and we headed to the farm.  We celebrated there with lunch.  We then moved the celebration to the garden.  We worshiped God and creation by planting most of the garden that afternoon!! (ha)   Not exactly what the kids had in mind, but they were good sports about it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Of Mermaids and Moms

Grant could not think of a single solitary reason

that I should be unhappy

about his traffic jam

located in the middle of my kitchen floor while I fixed dinner!

In case you cannot see what this says..........
let me help you........

and I quote.......

"We love you, Mom.  Emily John Grace Grant"

I am guessing their dad had a little something to do with this.  He sent me the picture yesterday in an email.  I had not seen it until then.

Man, I love this bunch.

OK, I know I said no more Florida pictures.  David emailed me a few others.

This one is too good to pass up........

Look at our mermaid.

NO WAY would I let them do this to me.

She's such a good sport.

Look what she made for me at preschool.  Don't you love my hair?  Maybe I should do more with it, huh?

She filled in the blanks at the bottom.  It says.....

 My mom is 44 years old.

I like it when my mom cooks spaghetti.

My mom looks pretty when she wears church clothes.

I like it when my mom makes ham pockets.

 I guess it could have been worse.  John and Emily did this same project when they were in preschool there.  Their answers were equally random and funny.  Kids DO say the darndest things.

For the record, I AM NOT 44!!!!

More Grantisms

Grant:  Can I have some smoshmellows?

Mom:  How many do you want?

Grant:  Lots!!

Mom:  How old are you?

Grant: This many. (holding up three fingers)

Mom:  Then you can have three marshmallows.

Grant:  No, I'm this many. (holding up five fingers now)

Mom:  (feeling benevolent) Then I guess you can have five marshmallows. (handing over five marshmallows)

Grant:  (feeling lucky)  No, I'm this many!!! (drops five marshmallows and holds up ten fingers)

Mom:  You're ten??

Grant: Yeah, I'm ten. Now gimme ten smoshmellows.

Mom:  I thought you were three.

Grant:  I'm three at Grandma's house.  I'm ten at home. (that's another whole conversation we've had before!)

By the way, he got the ten marshmallows.  I'm a pushover.


Mom:  What are you doing outside, Grace?

Grace: Playing with the hose.

Mom:  What are you squirting with it?

Grace:  (stating the obvious) Water!!

Mom:  No, WHERE are you squirting your water?

Grace: (not understanding) Outside!!

Mom:  No, Grace.....What are you hitting with the water you are squirting out of the hose outside??

Grace:  Nothing. (runs outside)

OK, I gave up at this point. It's only water, right?  Actually she was squirting her water out of the hose and hitting her brother with it.  He stomped in presently soaked and very angry!  Maybe I'll follow through more thoroughly next time......

maybe not.


Scene:  Another sunny day at the Shupeville Zoo.  Grant sitting at the table in the playroom busy playing.  Enter Mother stage right.....

Mom:  Have you seen Grace?

Grant:  Don't look at what I'm doing!! (covering the table with his body)

Mom: (now curious) What did  you do?

Grant:  It was an accident!

 Mom:  (only in my head...not out loud)  No, son, THIS is not an accident.  YOU were the accident! :-)



 Grant:  (coming into the bathroom) Can you fill these water balloons.

Mom:  You cannot do water balloons in the house.  You have to take them outside.

Grant:  (stomping off mad)  But I can't find the bathroom outside!!

Mom:  You don't need a bathroom to fill them outside.

Grant:  But I can't use the PEE!!!

 sigh again


 Grace:  (said while Grant sits atop a pillow atop of Grace's head)  Grant, MOVE.  I'm not breathing!!

Grant:  Sorry, it was an accident.  (notice a pattern here?)

Grace:  (most indignant about the ordeal)  Don't you know I need oxygen? (I have no idea where that came from.)


 Grant: (stomping off to his room)  This house is driving me cwazy!!  (yeah, already there buddy!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Backyardigans - Backyard + Hooligans


some random

 pictures                                                         taken
                                                 while playing
on the swingset

in the back yard

last week

Have I mentioned I love spring??

The back yard looking up through the neighbor's back yards.....

Throwin' him some rocks in the water......

                                           he's as rotten ornery as he looks!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dick and Jane

See Grace.
Grace can play.

Funny, funny Grace.

Look, look.
Grace can fly.

Fly, Grace, fly.
Grace can play and fly.

Oh, oh, oh.
Funny, funny Grace.

Look, look.
See Grace and Meg.

Funny Grace and Meg.

Yep, we've been reading.

We've been reading Dick and Jane.

Funny, funny Grace can read Dick and Jane.

Grace can read Dick and Jane with Mother.
Grace can read Dick and Jane with Father.

Grace is funny.
Funny, funny Grace.

I would say she is officially a reader now.  She has read the entire first grade set of Dick and Jane books to me.


I am bragging.