Thursday, March 31, 2011


Another blog I read somewhat regularly is doing a weekly 'show us your life'.  This week's topic is 'show us your church'.  Just because of the uniqueness of the church we've attended the past ten years, I thought I would actually step out of the shadows on her blog and stop being a lurker and comment for once.

So for anyone that links from Kelly's Korner , here's a glimpse of where we worship....

Southeast Christian Church is considered by most to be a mega church.  They average 18,000 a weekend during a total of nine services at three different locations in the metro area.  For seventeen years the church has performed an annual Easter Pageant that is seen by over ten thousand people each year. 

The church has many unique and interesting features being as large as it is.  You can click on the link above and read more about it for yourself.

Happy clicking!

Two Peas in a Pod

Just havin' some fun before bed the other night.....

"Hey Mom, watch what faces I can make!"

scary face

He calls this his dead face.....

The surprise face......

(notice the eyes checkin' to see if Dad was still workin' it with him)

angry face.......

he said this one is his 'smart' face

I'm amazed over and over at how much alike these two really are!

They have a lot of fun together.

And one of them is absolutely rotten to the core.
I'll let you figure out which one it is!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Skills

Guess who is riding a bicycle without training wheels now??

No, I'm not talking about John.  I'm sure you knew he could ride a bike before this post.

Not Grace either.  Well, she is riding a two wheeler, but you already knew that too.

I must say though that Grace is doing great on two wheels now.

I was actually referring to the youngest monkey at the zoo. 


He's now gotten the hang of riding solo.

I'm glad.  Jogging alongside a novice biker is not my favorite form of exercise!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things.....

As I was cleaning the kitchen cabinets tonight, I carefully lifted this little dust covered hen from the top of my cabinets.

David brought this home not long after we were married.

I thought to myself, "Great!  What am I supposed to do with a CHICKEN?"

I didn't exactly see what he saw in the chicken.
I didn't love the chicken....

at all.

I tolerated the chicken because I loved David.

With years though, I see things through different eyes.

This chicken, which is a cookie jar by the way, came from his Grandma Weber's house.  He acquired the chicken when Grandma was moving out of the home she had lived in for many years....a home with many memories attached to it....just like the chicken.

Grandma Weber is gone now.

We still have the chicken though. 

It roosts safely above my kitchen cabinets where the chances of an accidental encounter with one of my kids is relatively small.

I don't know what the chicken is worth, but guess what?  It doesn't really matter, because over the years I have to admit I've changed.

I love this chicken.

I was given a new 'favorite thing' at Christmas time this year.
Aunt Lois bestowed me with this little girl who likes to twirl and show off her fancy dress to a tinkling musical melody.

This lady had resided with Aunt Lois for almost forty years, but I was lucky enough to become her caregiver.
Now she has a place of honor right beside my computer screen in the office.  Maybe someday when I can trust little hands, I'll pass her on to one of my own little girls.

Her story is pretty simple really.  She went to live with Aunt Lois years ago when Aunt Lois had watched my brothers and I one long weekend.  Mom gave her this musical gift as a thank you for babysitting us.

I remember many things about that weekend.  Now I have an even more special way to remember those memories.

And these little sweethearts have to be one of my all time favorite things.....

I can remember them sitting watch atop my Grandma Quillen's stove for as many years as I have memories of Grandma's house.

All of the money in the world can't bring Grandma back....nor could it persuade me to part with these two guys.  They now rest atop my own stove making me ever mindful of the hands that held them so many times before mine.

Yes, these definitely are a few of my favorite things....

Baby, it's cold outside!

Mother Nature is having an identity crisis.

It has warmed up and produced beautiful blooms and green lawns.

And now this cold white stuff is lying atop it all.

Stupid mother nature!!!

Play....ball that is

we took the kids to a local school playground a couple sundays ago.....

David to practice throwing and batting with John.....

and me to watch the other kids on the playground.

We sure won't be playing on the equipment at the playground this weekend.  It is snowing outside as I type this.

I think we're all so done with snow this winter that no one will probably even ask to go outside and play in it when they wake up and see the white stuff out their window again.

At least I'm hoping they don't ask.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is there a dentist in the house??

I am so far behind...

like approximately a month or so....

seeing as how we just celebrated St. Patrick's Day and I still have pictures from before Valentine's Day on my camera.

Grace carefully preparing her valentines for her kindergarten party this year.

I'm sure you're surprised to learn she picked
Disney princess valentines (again).

She's a hard worker.  Look at that concentration.
I guarantee if her hair wasn't blocking the view, you'd see her tongue hanging out just like Grant's does when he concentrates.
I wonder if that is genetic........

I hope I don't do that.


Now for our dental issues........

Does this count as teeth discoloration?

probably not since it came from bathtub crayons, huh?

I still haven't figured out what prompted the impromptu coloring of the pearly whites.
Maybe it was in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Not to be outdone by baby brother, Grace colored hers pink....possibly a throw back to Valentine's day festivities.

It kinda reminds me of those pink tablets that tasted awful that they would pass out to us in grade school and make us chew.  Remember those nasty things???ewwww!

"Rinse and spit" take on a whole new look when your   m  o  u  t  h  
i  s        f  u  l  l
of colored wax.

ewwww, again.

Just in case you were wondering why the both were wearing swimsuits in the tub for their bath......

let me just say once again........