Monday, October 31, 2011

Picture Taking - FAIL!!

Hey, Grant!  Let me take a picture of your way cool spider hat from preschool!

Umm, why don't you take the ring pop/pacifier thingy out of your mouth for the picture, huh?

Okay, not good.  Let's keep trying.

Shut your mouth Grant!

How about a smile???

Indigestion, perhaps?
You look like you ATE a spider instead of wore a spider!

Twenty shots later this is the best we could do.

He has been WIRED on candy all week last week.
My stash of candy for Halloween night is dwindling quickly thanks to my kids.

So Grace, what have you been up to this past week??

Oh yeah!  You lost a SECOND TOOTH!
I got to pull this one for her after dinner Friday night.

Here is the tooth all tucked into the tooth fairy bag to place under her pillow.

She left the tooth fairy a note asking her to leave the tooth.

At this rate, I think the tooth fairy needs to go lock in a low interest loan to pay for all these teeth!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Preparations

We were busy here today!

Finished jack-o-lanterns and Halloween costumes tomorrow.



October 26, 1991

Happy 20th Anniversary

(late of course)

Who would have guessed twenty years ago?

Thanks for a wonderful twenty years.

Shall we try for twenty more??

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What a great looking crew!

The Shupe crew

What a great day!
Thanks for all the work and effort put into making it so nice.


Grant playing with Dad's old tractor.

Hi Ho Cherry-O game pieces

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dog and Cats and Dogs

Don't be fooled.

This isn't Meg and Remington playing together.

That isn't me.

This is Remington playing with a littermate, Bailey.
Her owners brought her over to play one morning.

Meg lasted about five minutes then headed for the safety of the deck to keep watch from above.

Remington and Bailey played until they could play no more then simply lay down in the grass and panted at each other.

Family reunion picture.

Doggie kisses......

One other littermate, Ellie, that didn't make the party.
We got to enjoy her company while in West Salem a couple days later.

I found this set up on the living room floor.
These are the bowls I used to feed the puppies last year.

I think someone remembers how we fed puppies last year.

What do you think??

Having the puppies was so much fun!

I'm just glad it's over!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Helping mom in the kitchen

The perks of being the only child home is not having to take turns at ANYTHING!

Grant flying up the sidewalk on his bike.

His mission in life right now is to see how fast he can make this thing fly!

Look, MOM!  No FEET!!

Grace and friends from school....

Swingset fun....

Grace - the former gymnast - working on the homemade balance beam in the yard.

Grant and his (newest) "biggest stick in the world"

Little People World

He's really had a lot of fun with this stuff lately.

Happy Birthday to someone.
Not sure who this was supposed to be for.

If messiness is a sign of creativity,
we must be raising some pretty creative kids!