Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's NOT a TOY


used to be Grant's tennis shoe.

Apparently Remington missed the memo stating that fact.


THIS is Remington's newest chew toy!!


It's not exactly the Mona Lisa

but it is without a doubt a smiley face!

I found this in a bag of potato chips this weekend.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yeah, we're gross like that....

See how sweet the kids look playing nicely together in the sand?

Aren't our freshly picked flowers pretty?

Doesn't Grace do a great job arranging them?

Isn't this guy gross????
Don't you love Mr. Snapping Turtle?

David found him and brough him up to the house to share with the kids.

Mr. Turtle put on quite a show for the kids.

He hissed and snapped and spun around biting at David's (well shod) foot.

Everyone else watched from the safety of the porch.

After we tired of the fun of tormenting the turtle, the family took it down and tossed it in the pond.

Speaking of pond.......

David took John frog gigging while we were there.

Their evening ended happily.

At least it ended more happily for the boys than for the poor frogs they caught.

Doesn't he look like he enjoyed himself?

The fruits of their labor.......GROSS!!

David cooked these guys up and we ate them with supper this evening.
One person seemed to really enjoy them. 

The rest of us?

Well, let's just say the kids were happy to eat leftovers for a change.
Pretty gross, huh?

Small - Medium - Large

 Grace arranged flowers at the farm last weekend....

she used cups from the kitchen

which produced an unintended interesting effect......


I thought she did pretty good.

David is channeling his inner farmer.

He bought a planter and is working on feed plots for deer.

Somehow, it seems just buying beef at Kroger would be cheaper and easier.

He didn't ask me though.

Grace and Grant ran around all weekend with lego pieces taped to their chests.

Something about having 'super creature powers'.


John just started a new puzzle. 

We took the last puzzle we finished and glued it and mounted it to posterboard.
We're going to hang it in the kids' bedroom.

I'll show you the finished work when we get it hung.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Do you think I should have bought a lottery ticket that day?

I happened to be in line at the drive-thru pharmacy a couple weeks ago and saw this magic number.  I knew by the time I got home it would roll past this, so I grabbed my trusty camera from the center console and snapped a picture to show the hubby.

Unfortunately for me it took me until tonight to find/remember having taken the picture.

I was back in line again tonight at the pharmacy.   I spent a couple hours tracking down an antibiotic for Grace that the DR at Prompt Care wanted her to start.  I've never heard of this antibiotic before, but he wanted her to try it.  MAN, it wasn't cheap either! Our regular pharmacy was out of it and had to call a couple other stores to find someone who had it.

Grace had a tick bite become infected (not lyme disease!). She was none too happy when the doctor started poking at it with a needle to lance the center.  I wouldn't have been either considering it's on the side of her neck.

Darn ticks!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Band Concert

Spring concert last Thursday night.....
hard to see, but John and Emily are in these pictures.

You can play "Where's Waldo?" and try to find them.

Take a bow after the performance....

John didn't bow very well did he?

J and E finish school on the 3rd of June.  They are ready.

I'm ready to not get up everyday at 5:30.

I know.

I'm a wimp.

They've had a good year.

They both made honor roll every grading period.

Both were honored with the Hilltopper Award. 
Only twelve kids in sixth grade get that each year....that's twelve kids out of 275 kids.

John was nominated for the National Young Leadership Conference. (We passed on sending him because it was so expensive!)

John was named Mr. Barret for the sixth grade class.

Both received the Principal's award for high GPA's.

Both were inducted into the Jr. Beta Club today.

I wish someone would fill me in about these things.   I really didn't realize until the ceremony today what an honor some people consider this nomination to be. 

 I almost didn't let them join since we've always limited the number of activities/clubs they can be in at one time.

I guess I'm clueless about these things.  I'll do better next year.

I promise.

Needless to say....we're proud of them.

Pomp and Circumstance

Someone we know graduated last Thursday morning.

Graduates solemnly marched in wearing smiles and tassels (and a few other things as well).

Songs were sung.

Bells were rung.

Applause was heard.

Names were called.

Hands were shaken. Congratulations were offered.

Pictures were taken.


This guy didn't graduate, but he was there.

He watched this little girl graduate.

I KNOW I'm going to blink and she'll be posing in anothe cap and gown as she graduates from high school and then college.


Grace posing with the only two other girls in her class......

enjoying the refreshments after the ceremony....

Good-bye MCPK!!!

We'll be back in two years.......


Congratulations Grace!
We are proud of you.