Monday, October 17, 2016

Lost Photo Files

Sometimes it takes me a little while to download pictures to my computer.
 And when I say a little while I really mean six months. 

Grant played percussion in a musical performance his class performed back in April.
He did a fine job.  I believe this is what led to us owning a drum set.

Grace's final fifth grade concert

according to Grant
 Mrs. Stanfield was Grant's third grade teacher last year.  This was taken on the last day of school after the awards program.  
She has the sweetest personality and yet runs a very orderly classroom.  
Doesn't she look like an awesome teacher?!

 I thought I took a picture of John.
But I can't see him!
 Sorry. That's a lame joke.  
But since our kids think we are pretty lame parents right now, 
I delight in annoying them with lame jokes. 

 I say something about his camo every time he has it on for school.

These two still love to play together. 
Being apart during the day at school has made their friendship even sweeter.
I'm so glad for them!

However, I wish for the maid's sake they would contain their exuberance 
when it comes to dragging out their many toys.

Baking cookies with Emily's help

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Farm Pictures

 David took these last weekend.

The cool morning made for some amazing pictures.

The fog is hiding our pasture and several cows.

This one was my favorite....

 until I saw this one...

Friday, October 14, 2016


Grant and I have interesting conversations early in the morning before school.  We have almost two hours from the time everyone else heads out the door until his bus comes.  We spend our mornings discussing such interesting things as his deep affection for Bella or why his science teacher is so mean.

We also eat breakfast together while watching the same Loony Tunes episode for what seems like the six hundredth time.  The other day I was teasing him because he has eaten the same thing for breakfast for approximately the same six hundred days he has watched Loony Tunes...or so it seems.

He informed me that he likes eating the same thing over and over. (I believe him.) He also informed me that when he leaves for college he is only going to include four things in his diet.

In no particular order, those four items are...


Biscuits and chicken

Goldfish Crackers

Chicken Nuggets

According to Grant, the food pyramid should contain only highly processed, colored and preserved foods.  Nothing natural.  Nothing healthy.  He often asks me why healthy foods have to taste so bad.  Where have I gone wrong with this kid?!

He spends way too much time negotiating the evening's menu with me in hopes of replacing something repulsive like spaghetti or chicken alfredo with his beloved nuggets or lunchables.

You have to admire that kind of commitment to hating my cooking.

Oh.  And I came home from Grace's bus stop Thursday morning to find Grant eating his standard chicken and biscuit sandwich while perched on top of my kitchen counter.  
 Why did he choose the counter to eat his chicken and biscuit??

Because he saw a spider.

"But not just a spider, Mom.  It was a HUGE SPIDER!!!"

I tried not to laugh at him.  But I wasn't very successful.  We spent the next thirty minutes searching the living room chair Grant hastily vacated when he spotted the offensive arachnid.  No luck. 

Grant's new favorite word?

Re - DICK - u - lous

Yeah.  Go ahead and laugh.

I did.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

To Do List

The list is long, and as anyone living on a farm would quickly concur, the list is never ending. But we spent Saturday and most of Sunday working our way down the to do list at the farm. 

In no particular order...,

We hung a sign in the barn. 

John designed this and had it custom made for David for Christmas last year. We have been waiting to complete the barn before we hung it. Today it was hung. 
I think it looks pretty amazing. And I love the fact it was a gift from John. 

Horses were ridden for the first time in many weeks. They were a bit squirrelly at first but soon settled down for a fun few hours of riding. 

I took this one of my horse, Romeo. He seemed unimpressed by the extra attention as he made his way down the trail. 

After taking the two younger kids for a ride, David, Emily and I enjoyed a faster pace and a longer ride through the trails. 

We also took a look at some of the fence on our newest pasture. We are four gates and a watering trough away from being ready to use our newest pasture. 

Grace on her new buddy Hershey. Hershey was the perfect replacement when we lost Juliet. He has two speeds...slow and stop. 

Our old Filter Medic trailer was quickly converted into our new goat shed. 

David built a ramp so the goats could get in and the horses would stay out. 

Don't they look thrilled with their new living arrangements?
All three girls should be having babies in the next four to six weeks. Now they have a snug, dry place to stay. And since the trailer is portable, we can now rotate what pasture we want to keep the goats in. Today we caught them and moved them back with the horses. The goats were not pleased with their new pasture buddies. 
The horses though were overjoyed with their new friends and spent several happy minutes chasing dazed and confused goats around the pasture. They were just trying to say hello!

Bees were checked for probably the last time this year. Everything seemed to be in good shape for winter. With such warm weather many were still flying. 

Apple pies were baked and consumed. 

Fires were built and hot dogs were roasted. 

And coloring pages were filled. What else is a kid to do without electronics?

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Boats - ROTC - Bedrooms

Fall ski trip
John taking a turn...

You know the routine by now.  We never ski before Labor Day. Don't ask me why. 
It's never intended to happen that way.  It's just the way it is.

 David getting ready to ski.
 There aren't many pictures of him skiing.  
I always forget to assign picture taking to one of the kids while I'm driving the boat.

We've made it to the lake two or three times this fall.  The weather has been beautiful.
We tried last week to go one more time before cooler fall weather ends our season.

Grant jumped in to ski and made one pass before the boat decided to break down.
We made a very slow trip back to the dock with the engine cover raised so the engine would not overheat.
Not a very fun trip for the kids, 
but hey, when you have a boat, 
you can guarantee you'll have boat repair bills.

And with that sort of logic
let me show you the newest Shupe boat.
I see a lot of boat repair bills in our future.

ROTC Raider Team Competition
 The team

One of the obstacles from the competition

Being one of the big guys on the team,
John went over the wall first and then helped pull other teammates over the top.
 He loves these competitions.
I consider them a highly civilized form of torture.

 Crazy hamster update...
Jeff and Jessie are both doing well.  Neither has escaped yet. Yeah!!!
 But both are so crazy.  Grace and Grant put them in the tub to play with them right now.

 We don't offer a best bunk award at home.
But if we did, guess who would win.

This isn't even a close second.
 This is what happens when your son works until ten o'clock at night and then comes home to do two hours of homework. He might or might not have overslept the next morning had it not been for his sweet sister taking pity on him and waking him up.

Love you, John!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Just For Fun

More summer pictures from my camera...

Water gun fights


Flag made from Hershey's Kisses

Flag designer

 Summer Soccer Champions

 Because reading with a friend is more fun...

David checking the crop

Grant succeeded in being "first in" and "last out" of the pool again this year.
Here he was waiting for lifeguards to whistle on the closing day at the pool.

 When your pony REALLY DOESN'T LIKE having his feet trimmed...

 He is harder to work on than the other eight combined!!!

Look at how he has those back feet dug in.
I met the farrier at the farm today to work on horses.
Always a fun day.  

And just for fun...look what popped up on my picture search tonite.
 Grant getting his very first haircut...