Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Running of the Gifts

Sitting in my attic the past several weeks have been boxes of different shapes and sizes

wrapped in various assortments of colorfully printed paper.

Pooh for Grant....Princess for Grace
Star Wars for John and Tinkerbell for Emily

Funny how the older the kids get the fewer presents they get.

Boxes that are much smaller but much more expensive!!!

After doing all the work of buying the gifts, wrapping and hiding them, I figure the kids can do their part to help me.

So a couple days before Christmas we have what has officially been named
"The Running of the Gifts"

Let the running begin!!!

This is the first time they've seen their presents.

They get the pleasure of carrying them downstairs and placing them under the tree.

It takes Grace and Grant several trips to finish moving theirs.

And now the countdown to Christmas begins in earnest.

We are enjoying a quiet day at home.
I hope you have the pleasure of doing the same.

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