Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Let's Take A Test

1. The kids wore pajamas to school because...

A. we overslept. 

B. laundry duty has been neglected. 

C. the principal declared today pajama day. 

D. fuzzy pajamas are in vogue with the elementary crowd. 

And the answer is C. Today was pajama day at school. Award yourself bonus points if you figured out it is Red Ribbon Week. 

The high school homecoming spirit week is this week too. Lots of crazy outfits heading out the front door of the zoo this week. 

Spirit Day
Crazy Hair Day
Crazy Sock Day
Pajama Day
Western Day (we will nail that one for sure)
Purple and Gold Day
Black Out Day
Costume Day
Crazy Pattern Day

All of this should end with a you're-making-your-mother-crazy-so-stop-it-already Day. Just sayin'. 

Oh. And to top it all off, John and Emily had to dress up last week as cadmium and boron respectively for chemistry class. How do you dress up as elements?  I asked myself that question when I learned of the assignment. 

Emily went as soap. 

Award yourself double bonus points if you correctly guessed John went as the energizer bunny. 

No pictures of course. 

I didn't feel like dying so I refrained from taking pictures.  It was a struggle. 

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