Friday, October 24, 2014


After a week full of crazy hair, crazy socks, Wild West outfits, pajamas and spirit day, I would have to question whether the original message of Red Ribbon Week has been lost in the fun and games. 

Last night when getting ready for bed, Grant asked, "So what ARE drugs?"  He knew he was supposed to "say no" to drugs. He just didn't know what drugs were. Maybe we should make the message a little clearer or wait to teach it when they are a little older. As it stands a week was spent having lots of fun and not much else. And I didn't see one actual red ribbon the entire Red Ribbon Week. 

Family fun night...

Grant being a lawn sprinkler

And Grace

Friday's Crazy Hair Day
Grace wanted bed head. That was pretty easy. She was half way there when she woke up. 

Grant went for the Illini look again this year. I think he'll keep it for the wedding tomorrow if that's okay. 

In case there wasn't enough going on, today was Field Day too. 

Happy Friday. 

PS See you all tomorrow. We're goin' to the chapel. And we're gonna get married!  Or someone is. We're already married. I hope. 

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