Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Life will never be the same

Just sayin'. 

Finally got their licenses yesterday. We tried last week but we did not have an original birth certificate.  Details!  We went back for a second attempt Monday. John got his license, but it took a third trip for Emily to get her license. She couldn't pass the vision test without her glasses. So three trips and twenty dollars later they are both legal drivers.  Please pass the Valium. 

Emily and I drove around the neighborhood last night. She did very well other than the six pretend pedestrians and one very real dog she almost ran over. We need to work on what coming to a full stop actually means. 

John was busy doing the homework that is due on the first day of school tomorrow. He didn't want to drive any last night. I think driving so much at the farm has taken some of the sparkle off of getting a license. 

Today we celebrate the last day of summer. We are at the water park with friends playing and having one last summer fling. Tomorrow it is back to the grind as they crack open the books for a new year of learning. 

Happy Tuesday!

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