Monday, August 17, 2015

Potato Harvest and Barn Building

Sunday John and I spent a few hours working in the garden and orchard. 

A lot of our time was spent digging taters. 

I hate digging potatoes.  A lot. 

But I like the bounty we harvested. We dug probably fifty pounds of potatoes. I see pots of potato soup in our future. 

Come visit. I'll share. 

Also I have good news to report. 

Our barn is finally starting to look like a barn. 


Our builder says we are quite the talk of the neighbors. No one can believe we went to the trouble to build a board and batten barn anymore. 

Obviously someone still builds board and batten. Namely us. 

Can't wait to see it done....walls painted with stalls and doors in place. I'm getting excited to see this project finished!

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