Friday, March 11, 2016


Yeah!  It's Friday!!!

 We are staying in town this weekend.  John has a symphonic band concert Saturday.  Grace has friends coming over for an early birthday sleepover tonight.  Grant is SUPPOSED to be having a sleepover at church.  Remember S.A.A.P.G.O.N. that Grace has attended the past two years?  Well, now it is Grant's turn for a third/fourth grade sleepover.  However, it remains to be seen if he makes it.  He stayed home from school today not feeling well.....not really sick, just not feeling great.

David is working this weekend.  The shop is working Saturday and possibly Sunday too.  Emily is meeting some friends for a movie and dinner.  Me?  I'm working the zoo version of air traffic control.

John and Katie at the Military Ball last Saturday

They had a wonderful time.  And because the ball was postponed from its original date in January due to inclement weather, John was able to drive himself.  I'm sure that was a joy to not be chauffeured  by his mother or father.

I found a file of old pictures.  Enjoy.

 apartment in Sarasota

 mouse mobile in its better days


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