Friday, June 10, 2016


 You know school is out when there isn't five minutes to be found to blog. 

Maybe now that things have settled into the routine of summer chaos I can get back to keeping you updated.

Our first big adventure of the summer was a day at the zoo.

Our family growth of these days I'm going to pull all of the pictures I've taken of the kids here.

And new at the zoo this year, they now have camel rides!

The kids loved feeding the giraffe.

But Grant's favorite thing was feeding the lorakeets.  We spent thirty minutes interacting with them.

Grant is just a little bit bird crazy.  
He has begged us for years to let him get a bird.

Well, it's only taken me two weeks to get a post done.
Let's see if I can get caught up now and stay caught up for the summer.


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