Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It's been two weeks with no new posts.

Life has just been busy around here lately.

Doing what you ask?

We celebrated a birthday

spent a day at the zoo

rode our bikes in the front yard

enjoyed the pretty spring blooms

drove our jeeps around the back yard

visited with family from out of town

rode our bikes some more

enjoyed a band concert at school

learned to play the guitar (at least one of us did)

played with new birthday dolls

visited with more family from out of town

studied hard and did our homework

rode horses at the farm

 enjoyed the beautiful weather we've been having 

and rode our bikes some more!

Come back later.
Maybe Mom will have a new post up.

Maybe that is if I don't murder her for using all these pictures of John and me when we were little!

Yes, if you look carefully, these are all pictures of John and Emily, not Grace and Grant.

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