Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'Dream Big'

I'm always telling my kids to dream big.  Set their goals high.  Strive to do their best.

So when Grace had to write a paper at school about her dream house, I knew she would remember my words to dream big.

Yep, she sure did......

If you aren't fluent at reading first grade scrawl, let me help you.

My dream home would be...A house on wheels. It would have two bed rooms.  two bath rooms.  one kichen and living room.

Is it any wonder the Shupe family is perceived as the redneck misfits of our neighborhood and our kids' schools?

I'm sure her teacher was wondering why Grace's dream home is a mobile home.

What she doesn't know is Grace is describing the travel trailer we recently bought.

I have laughed every time I walk by the refrigerator and seen that picture stuck there the past week or so.  The drawing just makes me laugh that much more.

I love the honesty and innocence of kids.

I have no plans of clarifying the subject with Grace's teacher either.  I don't think a trailer home would be too bad.  It sure would be a lot easier to keep clean than my house now!

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