Monday, March 12, 2012


Way back before my computer became just an oversized paperweight I had loaded these pictures onto it.

I'm just now finding them and getting them loaded onto the blog.

Yep, they're from Christmas time.

Oh well.

Grace and Grant are enjoying a couple of their Christmas gifts.

When Grace isn't home, Grant will stack both beanbag chairs together in the living room chair and sit atop the whole piled up mess.

Sometime about that time of year David also got the dock for the pond finished.
Here's his finished work.

Turned out pretty good I thought.

Fish will be stocked this fall. 

Bring your fishing poles next summer.
You can try your luck at catching some itty bitty fish with us.

Grace got a new dress up costume for Christmas too.
She practices cheers with her friends at school during recess.
She was thrilled with her new cheerleading outfit.

She even did a cheer or two for Grandma while we were in Carrollton.

Tonight I am cheering too.
I finally have most of my files sorted and back in place on my new computer.

I'm not completely done, but I may never take the hours it would require to get things back the way they used to be.

At least now I can spend my evenings doing something besides clicking away at a computer.

Gotta go.
Laundry is calling my name tonight.

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