Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lost Dog

So I dropped the kids at school this morning then came home and spent the next five hours cleaning house.  (Don't be impressed.  It could use ten more hours!)

As I was leaving to pick up Grant I decided to let the dogs out first.

Meg! Remington!

Here comes Meg.





Well, poop. (preschool approved swear word) (not what was actually being said in my mind)

Being short on time, I continued on my way out the door to get Grant. 

Upon returning home, I dropped Grant with John and Emily who were by then home from the bus stop.  I gave them orders to take turns watching him while the other twin had their piano lesson with Jarod. 

I then spent the next hour driving around the neighborhood looking for him.

I finally gave up because Grace's bus was due at her bus stop plus I had out of town guests that were going to be on my doorstep any minute to go out for dinner.

So....what happened to the dog you ask?

I found him about an hour later....

shut in Grace's closet.

Before you feel too sorry for him, let me just say Grace has a walk in closet bigger than my first bedroom (I kid you not.)(Well, maybe just a little.).  Plus it has a full window in it.

I am guessing he wandered in there while I took the kids to school at eight o'clock this morning.  The door could have easily been bumped shut once he was in there.  He then must have spent the rest of the day snoozing in the sun that comes in her closet window.  He never made a sound.  I was home all day alone in a quiet house and never heard a peep out of him.

Not the way I planned to spend my afternoon, but at least it had a happy ending.

I really would miss him if something happened to him.  (Don't tell David I admitted that!)

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