Wednesday, November 28, 2012

School and some other stuff

Have you missed us?
Mom was right.  She said whenever we travel she fails miserably at keeping up with the family blog.
Anyway, she's back at it now.  Here's her newest post.
You go on ahead and read it while I work on my homework.

Yeah, I have homework in kindergarten.
That stinks.  Stinks isn't what I REALLY think about doing homework, but it is the baddest word Mom will let me use.

Once I get home from school each day, I don't want to have to work on homework.
I want to kick back and relax in my favorite outfit....nothing!
Mom usually makes me wear at least SOMETHING. 
 She's a real party pooper about that.
What's that on my arms you ask?
I am considering a career as a tatoo artist when I am older.
What do you think?
For the record, Mom was not impressed with my artistic ability.
She suggested I use paper next time I got the urge to be creative.
Again, party pooper!

Well, back to my homework.
Wait...that isn't where I do homework!
This is Grace's pretend school that she set up in the living room.
That's right....more school!!
She even pretends that she is the teacher and I have to be her student.
Here's where some of her students sit.
That's my spot by my name tag.
She likes to give me work to do and tries to teach me things like math.
I tell her we ought to play army guy or football, but she thinks THIS stuff is fun.
I say STINKY. (HA, I got to use my bad word twice today.)
Well, back to my real homework now.
Talk soon!!

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