Friday, April 25, 2014

Before and After - Emily Style

Emily's room before the big makeover of 2014...
she was eight years old when we moved her to the basement.

She wasn't lovin' the eight year old taste in room color anymore.

Nor was she loving her little girl desk.
Welcome to the new teenage design choices...
I was very proud of her ability to design on a budget.

She knows how to save a dime.
Pink bulletin black.

We painted her old cubbies black and rearranged them. 
 David cut a piece of laminate to make her a larger desktop.
Too small desk problem solved.

Emily took these pictures at the farm.
We printed them and mounted them in old frames I had in the attic.

I think she has a pretty good eye as a photographer.
A few of her snow globe collection...
Well done, Emily!!
John is not done with his room yet. 
His tastes far exceed his budget, so things are progressing a bit slower. 
 ...and he is in debt to his father for a new computer he was simply going to die if he did not get immediately.
You do not want to owe David money....
at least not if you're his son.
Poor John!

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