Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hush Little Baby

Papa's already got you a cart and bull and a horse
and now he got you a  billy goat!
and a nanny goat
and a couple spares too!
"Can we go see the goats?"
"Can we go see the goats?"
"Can we go see the goats?"
"Can we go see the goats?"
You get the idea.  Yes, we went to see them...several times.
Two were born Wednesday.  Two more were born Friday.
One momma has not had hers yet.  I'll bet she has them by morning based on how she looked this afternoon.
In spite of lots of trips to the goat pens, we also managed to spray, stake and mulch the orchard.
We also mulched the new raspberry patch so that our lovely yard boy will not mow them off for a third year in a row....not mentioning any names here of course!

(I'll mention names here instead.)
Love you, son!
I'm just happy I don't have to mow anymore.
But please leave the raspberries ALONE this year!!

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