Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Thief In Our Midst

We wear many different hats as parents. I fully expect to play chauffeur, dietician, teacher, psychologist, seamstress, nurse, maid and social coordinator among some of the many roles we take on as parents. One job I never expected to take on was that of detective.

Grant has an infatuation right now with Pokemon trading cards.  This is a typical little boy phase.  I can remember John carefully sorting and trading his own set of Pokemon cards several years ago.  Grant has been slowly building his set of cards.  With the convenience of internet shopping, I have purchased sets of cards for him several times online. I always make him pay for his own cards when I buy for him. He will faithfully bring me the money from his bank. 

After several days of buying cards online for grant it occurred to me that he had spent a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY!  I began asking him how much money he had left.  Numbers didn't add up. I got a little bit bolder with my questioning.  His answers were quite vague and highly unbelievable.

After much pushing and questioning, I finally pulled a tearful confession from my seven year old.  He had taken to a life of crime stealing money from his sister's safe. (Life lesson - don't share your safe combination with your siblings) He had taken MANY dollars from her safe so he didn't have to spend his own money.

Obviously, it was time for one of our "little talks". We discussed his life of crime and how he should make things right with his sister. Grant was contrite and apologized for his poor judgement.  All has been forgiven and Grant has reformed his ways.

I have hung up my detective hat and resumed my more mundane jobs such as laundry service, cook, vet, peacekeeper and judge.  Grant has promised to spend only money that belongs to him from now on.

In other news, grant plays another baseball game tonight. Their team now has a record of 1-8 right now....not great, but he doesn't seem to mind.  

John is spending a week as counselor at our church's summer camp.  He is working with fifth graders.  He was so excited about this new adventure.  Emily is also working this week.  She is a teacher's aide at a summer science camp at a local private school. Both kids are getting some good work experience as well as some good activities for a college transcript.....win/win for everyone.

We now have a calving record of 3-1....three healthy calves and one stillborn.  I think there are four more cows yet to give birth.  The garden looks great.  It also looks as if most of it will be ready to pick about the time we leave on vacation.  Anyone need some garden produce?

The best news on the medical front is that I received my pathology results last friday.  Everything from the second surgery came back cancer free.  That means no chemo or radiation are required.  That is wonderful news.  I will need to have frequent scans to watch for reoccurrence, but no other treatment is needed.  Praise God!  Now I just have to work at getting fully recovered and back up to speed....all in due time, I know.

Baby E has a court date next Tuesday.  On his one month birthday he will go to live with his forever family.  They are so excited as they count down the days.  We have spent the past many days getting to know them as they spend time in our home with Baby E.  We are excited for them.  Of course, it is always a little sad to see these babies leave our home.  They have a way of sneaking into our hearts while they are here.

Congratulations to Joselyn and Pat.  Sorry we did not make it out this weekend to help celebrate.  Thank you Cale for taking Emily with you this weekend.  At least one of the Shupes was able to celebrate with family.

Also, happy Father's Day to my dad.  We love you very much!

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