Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Catching Up Time - Again

I'm back.

Lots to tell.  Let's hit the highlights and move on.  Shall we?

Wednesday, June 4, I had my second surgery.  Things went well and I returned home Thursday afternoon to begin the process once again of resting and recovering.  The fun thing about being in the hospital (if there ever CAN be a fun thing being in the hospital) was that I was only the second patient placed in an entirely new hospital wing.  It was almost a party atmosphere in the place.  Nurses and aids were giddy with excitement about being in the new location.  Of course there was a fair amount of chaos as no one new where anything was located...including their patients!  More than one staff person got lost looking for my room...not that I could be any help to them.  We are talking new everything too....new beds, equipment, even my hospital gown was new!  Holy Hit The Jackpot!!!  It was beautiful too.  If that is the trend in medical care facilities, they are going to have trouble getting people to want to leave!  I might have considered another day or two myself, but I had places to go and people to see.

We will get the pathology results from this second surgery on Friday, June 13th.  If I were a superstitious person, that might bother me a bit.  Good thing I put my faith in powers mightier than a date on a calendar.  I look forward to finding out the results and moving forward with wherever this process leads.

The kids are now officially finished with school.  Friday the sixth was their last day.  We bid this year farewell with a bit of sadness.  All four kids have had a fantastic year.  I wish every year could go so easily and pleasantly.

Grace and Grant had their awards programs at school on Friday.  Grace received honor roll and excellent attendance certificates and a medal (OF COURSE).  Grant hung on to perfect attendance for the year.  He was one of only three kids in first grade who earned the honor.  That is out of approximately 150 first graders.  He has a right to be proud of that one!  He got a certificate, a medal (OF COURSE) and a T-shirt for that accomplishment.  Let's see if he can repeat the performance next year!

The rest of the days have been spent trying to get back on my feet again and trying to catch up.  Grandma Simms came to stay for a few days and watch the kids while I was in the hospital and home recovering.  She left Saturday afternoon.  I hope we didn't wear her out too badly.  We have made a few trips to the pool and played a few baseball games along the way.  Not much else is going on here at home.  It has been unusually quiet around here actually.

That is about to change.  Baby R has been living with our social worker since Tuesday before my surgery.  He will return to our home Wednesday this week to finish out his days waiting for the adoption process to be finalized.  The wonderful news from the past week is that he now has an adoptive family.  The family adopting Baby R actually live within a very few miles of our house.  I am sure we will be seeing them on a daily basis until they are able to take Baby R home forever.  Also, for the record, Baby R will now be known as Baby E as the adoptive family has selected a new name for their new son.  Don't you love the new name?!

In farm news, David reports the garden is looking great and the goats are growing like weeds.  I'm glad the goats are growing like weeds instead of the weeds in the garden growing like weeds!  (sorry, I couldn't resist that one!)  Two cows have already had calves the past week.  A bit earlier than we predicted, but hey, we weren't really there for the courtship, so don't know exactly when things, ahem, happened.  What happens in the barnyard stays in the barnyard, right?  Still more calves to come.  I'll post some pictures of the happy families when I get out there.

Well, way more reading than some may want, but I wanted to let you know how things were going here.  I will get back to regular posting and pictures going forward.  Again, I will say thank you so much for the cards, kind words, emails, prayers, offers of help and sympathetic ears.  The love you have shown our family is amazing.  Once again, I am humbled.

Love you,

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