Sunday, June 29, 2014

How Are Things At The Zoo?

Just ducky!!

We worked at the farm Saturday afternoon then took a break for a weiner roast before heading home. 
Things are chugging right along at the farm. David has kept the garden in good shape. Cows and goats all look good. 
Momma duck can't catch a break sitting a nest. Something got into the latest nest and destroyed her eggs. 
We find an occasional egg layed in random places around the house still. Two were found yesterday. Grant put them under a lamp wrapped in a towel determined to get them to hatch. They are now incubating in my oven under the oven light. Only with his sheer determination, a huge amount of luck and a small miracle from God will these eggs hatch, but how do you crush the kid's eternal optimism that he can hatch a baby duckling?  

Cale took john and Emily to the farm early Saturday to do some four wheeling and horse riding. I think john and Emily are suddenly realizing the benefits of having a cousin with a license living in their house!

Baby E went home Tuesday. Grace helped me give him one last bath so he could go home smelling sweet and fresh. 
She snuggled with him for a while saying her goodbyes. 

Today we are just hanging out at home getting things ready for our big trip out west in a couple weeks. I am optimistic I will be travel worthy by then. The doctor says I am healing fine. Now if I can just get some energy back!

Grant is finished with the regular baseball season. The team record is not so great, but grant had fun.  That counts for a lot. 

Happy Sunday!

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