Sunday, July 13, 2014

And so it begins...

I sit staring out the window at the beautiful green corn fields of Iowa dotted with windmills of Herculean proportions.  My kids are regaling David with the hundredth verse of the camp song "If I Were A Grown-up, This Is What I'd Be".  You can imagine  his delight.  Time for a movie, kids!  Now be quiet.

So the trip has been enjoyable with only minor complications.  We performed orthodontic work on Grant to remove a wire that came loose from brackets again.  Have I mentioned how happy I will be when all of our kids have straight teeth?

Last night was spent in a KOA in Iowa near the quad cities.  Today we started our day at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library.  Very interesting.  I would enjoy seeing other libraries if they are all as educational as today's experience.

We are now headed further west to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Praying for fun and safe travels.

Lots of time sitting in a truck seat coupled with the magic of modern technology means I have sorted and uploaded many pictures to "the cloud" (whatever that is).  Be prepared for a massive photo dump. I had pictures from back to March still languishing on my phone.  

How about a pillow to rest your head on while reading?

How about a cat to rest your head on while reading?

Yep.  Those two are best buddies.

Grant is already asking to go home.  When asked why, he told his dad he wanted to see the cats.

Cale, you have to love on those cats while we are gone.  Grant is relying on you!


  1. Dear Shupe Family, Sounds like you are all having an enjoyable time. Yes, we are praying for all of you to enjoy your trip, be blessed with good health, lots of fun, and most of all safe traveling. We are asking GOD to watch over you daily, at all times, where ever you are, in your course of travels. Think you should each write a report of what you saw and learned this summer, that you didn't know before. Then turn it in to your teachers. Love you all, Grpa & Grma Simms

  2. Erma, When you say your have white knuckles does that give a hint that you are scared shitless when David is navigating those mountain roads? If your still in the Yellowstone neighborhood you might consider going to the West gate and letting the kids enjoy the wonderful environment of IDAHO and Montana. I am not sure of the mileage but I do know that the west gate is in Montana. Just a thought1

  3. Going to try and make it to the west entrance on the next trip to the park. Long days at the park have made for a couple tired kids. We are staying in Cody today and playing around here.