Monday, July 14, 2014

Pictures of people and places and puddles

I bought each one of the kids a journal for the trip. 

Much to my delight all four kids voluntarily sat down this morning and filled in their books. 

This morning we shivered in the cold to take a picture at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota.

Pictures from the Sioux Falls KOA we stayed at last night...

The kids swam in spite of temperatures hovering in the seventies.  I'm not dipping my big toe in a pool unless temperatures have been above ninety for a week!  Kids don't care about being cold.  They were all blue lipped ice cubes when they quit.

The entrance to the campground was painted to look like a fairy tale castle. A sword was firmly stuck in a stone at the front gate challenging all who dared to pull the sword free.

Grant tried.  He couldn't do it.  No royalty in our lineage. Surprised?

Awesome slide at the campground....the kind you could fall from and break an arm....and have lots of fun on!

Grant's favorite thing the entire trip thus far has been a mass of little catfish he found near a lake at the campground.   They were stuck in a mud puddle due to flooding in the area.

Yes, we drove to South Dakota to stand in awe over a mud puddle.  Sigh.😉

Happy trails!

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