Thursday, July 3, 2014

So you had a bad day....

I couldn't help but think of the lyrics to that little song as I watched Cale change the tire on his new car tonight. Not only has he had a bad day, but he has had a bad week. First he got to replace the shattered screen on his phone that one of our little cherubs helped to destroy. Now tonight he is looking to buy a new tire to replace the one that the culvert grate in front of our house ate a hole in. Poor kid.  

I took john and Emily to the dentist for their turn yesterday. No cavities for them either. The dentist recommended braces for Emily. I left  her office quickly before I could no longer overcome my desire to poke her in the eye considering I already have three out of four kids wearing braces!

While I was feeling lucky (or just plain stupid) I decided to make a wonderfully exciting day much more exciting for the four kids.  We left the dentist office and headed straight to the optometrist. Four exams and two new pairs of glasses later, I was feeling about as lucky as Cale is this week. 

We can both "sing a sad song just to turn it around".
'Cause we had a bad day.

How do you like grace's new glasses?


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  2. Well, if there's any consolation, your kids managed to have two trips to different doctors, and it was relatively uneventful. Are you satisfied with the results of the braces on your other kids? There are pros and cons to it, but if the results are stellar, you should consider. Well, let's hope the next week won't be the same as the last one. Take care!

    Justene Doan @ A+ Family Dentistry