Thursday, August 14, 2014

After hours

Now that school has started, this is our evening entertainment after kids go to bed. 

Take one very large very hungry dog

Add cheese 

And watch the fun while he drools and stares cross eyed at the cheese he wants so badly. 

Good dog Remington!

Now go lie down and stop begging!

School is off to a good start. We bought school supplies for the high school crowd tonight.  Grace and grant are having fun and making new friends. Neither one has had much homework so far. Hallaleujah for that. Hopefully they don't get a big homework teacher. 

John and Emily are enjoying thir sophomore year. John likes math and band. Emily is liking her Latin and English classes. 

Two days done.   One hundred seventy-eight to go!

OH!  Good news. We have sold half of our six gallons of maple syrup so far. If you want some, let us know. It seems to be a good seller. Gotta check honey this weekend to see if it is ready to harvest yet. I'm really looking forward to that little adventure. Honey, anyone?


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