Monday, August 18, 2014


Grace and grant having fun with hamsters. The kids are having fun. I don't think the hamsters are loving it much. 

I think the hamsters' singular purpose in life right now is to escape the clutches of their captors. 

I took one frame out of a hive Saturday. I couldn't wait any longer!  Most of the frames are full, but it still isn't ripe for harvest. Patience. I know. I'll try again in a couple weeks. 

John has this crazy idea that he needs to buy a truck. He has had his eye on this blue beast for a few months now. Sunday we stopped to look. 

When did our kids become old enough to have their own car!

We took one last look at the old house at the farm. By this winter it will be only a memory. We hope to have a shiny new barn sitting there instead. 

I know it is beyond repair. 


There will be tears when it is gone. 


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