Friday, November 14, 2014

Keepin' It Real

Apparently it is trendy to "be real" right now.  I hear this a lot at bible study.  We are supposed to share our "real" opposed to our pretend struggles I guess.

I'm kidding.  I get it.  We often hide behind a façade of perfection that isn't a true reflection of who we are.  Today my mission is to dispel any misconceptions about my amazing parenting skills.


- In order to enjoy an extra twenty minutes of sleep, Grant was given the gift of watching television so I didn't have to play one more game of SORRY with him.  Yes.  I know it's NOvember. My house.  My rules.  Don't judge.

- I happily bought another roll of hem tape for John's ROTC pants since neither of us can get motivated to hem them the right way.  Yeah.  I know it's November and it should have been done two months ago.

- Cookies for breakfast.  Is it really any worse than donuts?  Enough said.

- My kid might be the only one in school still wearing shorts.  He says he runs faster when he wears shorts.  Isn't playing soccer more important than being warm?

- I probably ate the last crescent roll.  Then I let the kids think David ate it.

- Slamming on the brakes is an efficient way to remind passengers that they need to buckle.

- While driving across the Kennedy Bridge, I drove slower because the kids were seeing who could hold their breath the entire distance across the bridge.

- The cat spent most of the day shut in the dark bathroom.  I threw it in there as I was leaving the house. It was getting ready to puke and I didn't want to clean carpet when I got home.

- Laundry maid gets all cash found in the wash.  Did someone really just tip me a $20?  (I justify this one because they get all my money eventually anyway.)

- I paid the kids to rub my back.  (Had to do something with the $20 I found!)

Yes folks.  This is what a week in my life really looks like.  I'm sure you're happy I shared.  You're welcome!

One more happy note....
I made it through the first half of bible study without being kicked out...a feat I consider quite amazing.  I guess I'll have to ramp up my efforts when we start up again in January.

Have a great weekend!!

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