Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ride 'em Cowboy!

The weather was beautiful Monday. David and I took advantage of the warmth and sunshine to sneak in a little playtime at the farm. 

Bella and Romeo were the lucky winners of the "Who's Gonna Get Ridden Today" contest. 

We had a great time. 

David struck a pose when he saw I had the camera pointed at him. Bella posed too. 
What a clown. 

We rode back to the pasture with the steers and had our own little rodeo. 

Sorry if your steaks are tough. We might have "exercised" the steers a bit much. Exercise is good, right?

After we finished pretending to be Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley, we headed back to the horse pasture to work with Snickers, the baby. 

We took turns ponying her alongside our horses in preparation to take her trail riding with us this winter. 

She did well at this for a first try. 
 We briefly saddled her and rode her too.  She's coming right along!  By this time next year, we should have another horse to ride.

 I love pretending to be the farmer's wife. Sometimes I would like to pretend indoors where it is in a barn. Barn pad is leveled and waiting. Wood is ordered. Weather permitting, a barn raising of sorts should happen yet this month. Yeah! 

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