Saturday, May 14, 2016


Machine Shed Progress 


Trusses On

We didn't make it to the farm to work this week since it rained almost every day. I don't know if the guys were able to work on the shed any more or if it still looks like this.  Maybe Sunday we will get to go see it.

Still finding old pictures in files on my computer....
Coloring Easter eggs this year.  David helped Grace and Grant.  John and Emily were more interested in going out with friends.  I don't blame them.

 The Guardian of the Laundry
I know this might not be ideal for some people....having a cat lounging on their clean laundry and all.

I, however, find it quite beneficial.

You see, I have a dog that can't resist the smell of clean laundry.
(Who can, right?) 

Meg loves nothing more than to sneak into my sitting room and make a nest for herself using my freshly washed clothes.  Clean laundry wrinkled in a pile and covered in dog hair does not make the laundry maid very happy. (That's me by the way.  In case you weren't sure.)

So YEAH for cats lying on laundry piles.  Meg is scared of Bella.  She won't even make eye contact with Bella!

Good Kitty!

And who can deny the awesomeness of a cat that lets a boy do this with her?

No matter how or where or when....if Grant grabs Bella, she'll let him hold her until he's done.
She won't do that for another person in this house.
That's a pretty sweet friendship for a boy and his cat.

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