Thursday, December 7, 2017

Boys' Weekend

Before school started in August, I spent a weekend at the farm chaperoning, supervising and generally trying to keep six boys from bodily harm.

The weekend was spent doing boy stuff like catching crawdads

and playing with stray dogs.

Boys were calling home hoping their parents would gladly
open their homes to a new pet.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that the parents
were not thrilled with the idea.

Grant suggested we keep the dogs.
I said no.

They spent most of the day swimming in the pond
or at the pond fishing.

And by nighttime they were more than willing
to slow down.

Maybe we can make this a back-to-school tradition.

And about the dogs....

Both dogs came home with us. 
We searched diligently for their owner.
Neither dog was chipped,
and no one had listed them on websites as lost.

We brought them to town and cared for them
while we looked for adoptive families.

Once again, I will say God is in every detail of our lives.
How else can you explain the convergence of events

that would put two abandoned dogs at our farm

the same weekend as six boys needing entertained.

And other than a few chewing mishaps,

we got along well with our furry house guests.

We placed both dogs with new owners in less than two weeks.

 New owners took home the short haired dog.
They named him Mr. Dump because he was dumped at our farm.
They obviously possess our animal naming skills.

And this fuzzy bundle of cuteness
went to live with a friend of mine
 His new name is Harvey.

....and they all lived happily ever after!

The End

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