Sunday, December 10, 2017

Restaurants, Rides and Dorms

I can think of only one thing that would make Grant any happier than this meal at Steak 'n Shake.

A milkshake to wash it down.

Fun at Kentucky Kingdom this summer with big sister.

And that is Grant sliding down the incredibly terrifying blue slide.  And YES the yellow one beside it is also a slide...almost a vertical drop...which our kids are forbidden to slide on.  I would like them to live a few more years.

Can't remember if I posted this before....
This is John's dorm room.

It was pretty barren when we dropped him off in August.

He now has a different room.
His roommate had difficulty managing the newly discovered independence
that comes with college life. 
The freedom led to bad choices
which translated into being a pretty bad roomie.

The university gladly offered John a single room midway through the fall semester.
He was grateful.

And this is Emily's dorm room.

She has one roommate and shares a bathroom with a total of three girls.
It's a pretty sweet arrangement.

Next year she's moving to a college apartment on campus.
She's really excited about that move.

She will share the apartment with three other girls.
Each will have their own bedroom.

And THIS was David's very sad face
as we drove home from dropping the second child at college.

We LOVE our kids.

We do.


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