Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Field Trip - Family - Farm

For the final time, I chaperoned the fifth grade field trip to the Kentucky State Fair.
The day was long, but the weather was beautiful!
Having only boys in my group this year
made for a super easy day.
Entertaining boys was as simple as pointing out 
whatever would qualify as "gross" or "weird"
at every stop.

Another fun day in August was
helping Grandpa Simms celebrate another birthday.
We were able to spend an enjoyable afternoon
eating and visiting with family.

And in case I haven't mentioned it already,
we finally painted the barns at the farm.

I really like the look of them all black.
The final phase of farm development
will hopefully take place this coming year.
We have cross fencing and some alleyway fencing to put in.

And then




with the construction work at the farm...

I hope.


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