Saturday, December 2, 2017

Motley crew...not Motley Crue

Thanksgiving gathering in Edwardsville -  Aren't we an awesome looking bunch?

 And THIS trumpet tooting guy is John...again.
 Emily took this picture of John at the Thanksgiving weekend game
between UK and U of L.

The game was in Lexington this year.
She said his face was on the big screen several times during the game.

What's up with the cameras loving my boy??

And you will have to ask John or Emily which team won.

Laundry can be a lonely job,

but I have lots of help folding laundry each week.

Jet loves to curl up on the clean piles
which is totally counter productive 
to the goal of having CLEAN laundry.

 Sometimes I get tired of moving him,
so I just pile newly folded clothes on top of my sleeping cat.

He never seems to mind.

 And just because...
here's a picture of Grant 'dabbing' 
while rolling around the rink
at the most recent skating party.

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