Friday, April 13, 2012

At the Farm

Silence is golden. Too bad there hasn't been much opportunity to enjoy the silence of the country around here this week. Instead I've heard kids. Lots of kids talking all at once most of the time! Whose bright idea was it anyway to have no tv or electronics at the farm?! Oh yeah. We've had a very enjoyable week sitting at the farm while someone has been busily sanding and refinishing hardwood floors at home. Four kids two dogs and two cats sounded like a recipe for disaster when mixed with wet floors that could not be walked on. So we came here. To relax. At least that is what the kids thought. Instead we've done quite a bit of prep work for spring. We got the orchard in good shape. The yard and flower beds are all cleaned up. We picked up rocks from a newly built road that Glen the bulldozer guy made out back for us. The kids have really worked this week, probably more than they planned or wanted to, but not too many complaints were heard. There has been some fun thrown in too. Last night we had a weiner roast. I think that is the first one of the year. Grace and Grant got to take a tour of the sleeper cab of the truck that hauled our fence posts out to us yesterday. The driver let them crawl up and get in the sleeper part of the cab. They were excited and the trucker was tickled to see their enthusiasm. Grant told him he was going to drive one of those when he was big. I'll have to add truck driver to Grant's growing list of future careers. Horses have been ridden and loved on. Neighborhood puppies have been loved on too. All is good at the shupe farm. Sorry no pictures. I loaded some before we left town monday, but i cannot load them here. I dont have a computer with me at the farm so no way to reload them or add new ones. Pictures will have to wait i guess. I'm hunkting and pecking this out on the ipad with no proofreading. Hope you can make sense of it. I'll be back to a computer in a couple days. Have a good day!

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