Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Fun

Looking at the trees is visual proof of what the calendar says.
Fall is here in all of its glory.
 With the change of the seasons we enjoy crisp morning air, early evenings with young scholars huddled over homework and of course hours outdoors with a wooden handle in our hands toiling in the bright sunny days.

No. I'm not talking about raking leaves.
I'm talking about a different kind of wooden handle applied to the work of the season.
With the help of extended family we enjoyed a few days visiting
and stirring a kettle of chili at the farm this past weekend.
The kids occupied themselves with swings and teeter totters
while the adults continued stirring.
More playing....

and more stirring....
and MORE playing...
until finally the CCC (Chief Chili Cook) declared
"It is good!  Let us eat!"
And eat we did!!!
When we were done eating, we continued playing.

The thermometer could have read a bit warmer while cooking chili, but Sunday was a beautiful day that made the chill of the day before a distant memory.
Thanks to all who drove so far to share our weekend.
Kettles are safely stored until another autumn day calls us to celebrate again the blessings of fall, family and fun.
I hope you've tucked away a few memories of your own. 
We have.

Oh.  Remington and Meg wish to thank Elli for coming to visit.
They were two pooped pups when we got home.
Praying for Jim tonight.
We love you.

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