Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Raise Your Hand

Raise your hand if......
          you have been to a drive-in movie recently

Raise your hand if.....
          you attended a parent/teacher conference

Raise your hand if.....
          you went camping with your family

Raise your hand if.....
          you played bingo
          saw a waterfall
          shopped for clothes with your kids

Raise your hand if.....
          you played miniature golf
          or played horse shoes

Raise your hand if.....
          you jumped on a bouncing pillow
          you got a new trumpet
          and auditioned for all-county band

All or most hands in this house would be raised for the above statements.  We've been running around again.  The kids had a four day weekend...of course.  We wouldn't want to have too long of a stretch of attendance days at school without a day or two off, thus risking that the kids might actually be there long enough to learn something.

Raise your hand if you've been blogging lately. (waiting......)(nope, no hands went up)

It would appear that I am a consistent blogger until my family travels at which time I utterly fail to find time for blogging.  I will catch up again....no trips planned any time soon.

Raise your hand if.......

you have a kindergartener in your house who has learned to survey family members by using the time honored line of "raise your hand if......"

Yeah, that one is true.  He cracks me up with the things he asks too.

More to tell later.  I've got to get laundry caught up today.


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