Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas 2012

We remembered Santa.
Santa found all of the Shupes in good standing.
He left plenty of presents for everyone.

Stockings were searched for small treasures before digging in to the boxes and packages under the tree.

Grace had her Christmas socks on, sharing in the tradition started by her dad.

Santa brought Emily a Ken Doll...
unfortunately, she had asked for a KINDLE.
I guess Santa is getting hard of hearing.
She was all smiles when she found she had received both 
Grant got the truck he asked Santa to bring him.

Grace got a Kaya American Girl doll from Santa.
This is the bible she got from her dad.

I am sure these will get Grant in trouble some day soon.

Dad knows every girl loves Vera Bradley....

and that every guy loves tools.

Baby C seemed pretty uninterested in her first Christmas.
Trips were made to Carrollton and to West Salem to enjoy the holiday with extended family.

Emily also received tools for Christmas.
Good one, Uncle John!
John Shupe received some lovely body lotion from Uncle John.
For once, the two kids actually cooperated.
They agreed to trade gifts.

It was a wonderful time with friends and family.
We hope yours was too.

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