Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do Over

Grace is my sunshine child.
Things never get her down.
She always wears a smile.
Like this....

This is her school picture.
It is a do over.
Her first school picture was not what would be considered very, ummmm, flattering.
We opted for a do over with very satisfactory results as you can see.
Sometimes Moms need do overs as well.
Upon arriving in carpool line, I realized I had left Grace's lunch at home.
Five dollars to buy a lunch at school was not Grace's ideal dining plan.
She doesn't like school lunches.
She was pretty quick to point out her displeasure too as you can see.
Yet her generous nature won out and she has fully forgiven my oversight.
I will get a chance for a do over tomorrow morning.
Thanks, Grace!
There are times, however, when a do over is not what anyone wants or expects from life.
My sister-in-law is facing a do over of life changing proportions right now.
The family has just learned that the cancer she had beaten for the past five years has returned.
She will be facing off with this enemy once again.
We would all appreciate your prayers for her and her immediate family as she deals with the many challenges in the months ahead.
Love you, Sara!

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