Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just For Fun

We are spending lots of time here lately.
This is a one stop shop for everything kid related.
At All About Kids, you can do gymnastics, dance, ballet, cheerleading, swim and karate all in one place.
If you look closely, Grace is in a red leotard on the red mat doing warm-up exercises.

While Grace warms up, Grant gets ready for his karate class upstairs.

Correction - tae kwon do
I really can't tell the difference.
We just call it karate.
Here he is going in to his classroom.

He is standing in the back row.

Now Grace's class is on the balance beam.
She is the front person on the beam.

Working on her back walkover...

Grant is not in love with karate.
Grace loves her gymnastics class though.
That is why I was so surprised at the Christmas break when both kids said they wanted to switch classes and take swim lessons during the next semester.

So starting after Christmas, we are now hanging out at the AAK pool.

They both can already swim.
They jump off the dive and swim like fish.
I'm not sure why they wanted to do this,
but I figure it can't hurt.

They can get some help improving their strokes and have some fun while they're at it.
So now I'm not a gymnastics mom or a karate mom.
I'm a swim mom.
As long as it is indoors, I don't mind.
Just don't make me be a football mom!!!

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