Monday, April 8, 2013

Catching Up - Again

Not much to post tonight.
I am hoping to catch the second half of the Louisville-Michigan game.
Go Cards!!
We went to Easter services at church Friday night before leaving town for the week.
Here is the ten second shot on the porch steps before running off to church.

One of Grant's many crafts made at school during the week leading up to Easter Sunday...
I like his color choices.
I hope this is as close as my kids get to a real tattoo!!
He is still sporting remnants of this on his arm after a week at the farm.
These things last forever.
I don't remember which kid it was, but one of ours put one of these things on right before we went to have pictures taken one year.
I think we had to do a wardrobe change to cover up the unfortunate tattoo on an arm that year!
Gotta go cheer on the Cardinals.

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