Thursday, April 18, 2013

Goodbye Dear Friend

Over spring break we took time for a little TLC with the horses.
Grace has become best buddies with Brownie.
She loves to groom him and walk him around on a lead rope.
They are a great pair.
Here are the most recent pictures of Snickers
She's gotten so big.

She is doing great.
We are working on her using a lead rope and getting her used to the many things she will experience in life.....
such as blacktop roads, clothes lines, farm equipment,
horse trailers, creepy old houses....
You get the idea.
It is funny the things she is terrified of when first experiencing them.
It has been a continuing lesson for her and for us too.
Spring break was when Snickers said goodbye to her adopted momma.

We made sure to give her a lot of extra attention and love since
she was very lonely without her mom.

This picture was taken right before the lady came to pick up Momma Nurse Mare.

Thank you Momma for doing such a great job.
You hold a special place in our hearts for taking care of Snickers so well.
We love you and will miss you.

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