Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Showers Bring.....?

So once April showers are through and the calendar shows May
what is a kid supposed to do with all of the continued rain?
Pick flowers of course.
Grant cannot resist the urge to pick anything blooming.
No matter what it is or where it is.
I have to continually remind him not to pick the neighbors' flowers.
Not a good way to make and keep friends.
Lots of graduations going on here.
That means lots of graduation presents need to be bought.

This graduate was easy to buy for.
Here is his graduation gift.
In theory it is easy.
Place the penguins on the ship without tipping it over and knocking them off.
In reality it is not that easy.
Dare I say it can be addictive trying to get these little guys all aboard at the same time.
I think we have all tried and failed more times than we care to admit.
Want to try?

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