Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pony Tales Farm

Grant getting a ride at PonyTales Farm.
This was his kindergarten field trip the last week of school.

He was much more interested in the kittens than ponies, puppies or goats.

"But WHY can't we take one home, Mom????!!!!!"
I must have heard that a dozen times in two hours.

Has he counted the number of animals living in our house already?
Obviously not or he would not ask for another.

The funniest thing they did that day was dress up this poor little pony.
She had a tutu, a tiara, hair extensions, pink dyed hair, glitter and pink "toenail polish" before the kids were done with her.

It was cute, but I felt a bit sorry for the pony.
I still have to remind myself that I am really going to have all kids in school all day this fall.
Eight short weeks away!!

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